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Overhead doors from Compact at Mclaren

Overhead doors | Compact: the better version of an overhead door installed at McLaren Overhead doors | Compact: discover the advantage of more daylight

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Looking for an overhead door 2.0?

Are you in the market for an overhead door? At Rolflex, we offer you a better alternative: the Compact door. It is better quality and offers more possibilities. The Compact door from Rolflex can be regarded as an overhead door. For example the door panels open "over your head". This page outlines the advantages and disadvantages of overhead doors over the service door we supply. Discover the best choice for yourself.

Overhead door versus Compact door

Overhead doors are closures in which the door blade panels are retracted into an overhead rail system above the available space. The rail systems for this type of door are usually available in various versions (track applications). However, the Compact door can be regarded as an improved version of the overhead door. The great advantage of the Compact door is the unique side rail system which requires no overhead supports. Thanks to a special folding principle, this door can be integrated in a way that saves space. The summary below shows the advantages and disadvantages of various features of the overhead door versus the Compact door.

Features Overhead door   Compact door  
Little installation space required  Kruis icoon
 Groen vink icoon
Anti-lift device  Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Insulated door  Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Suitable as interior door  Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
Opening frequency <10/uur  Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Opening frequency >10/uur Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
Glazing Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Manual operation Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
Electric operation  Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Storm proof Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
RAL colour options Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Low maintenance Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
High-speed option Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
Your choice of door Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon


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Discover a better version of an overhead door  

In the area of service doors there is quite a lot of choice, but as the table above shows, the Compact door is the most extensive in terms of possibilities. It also looks the same as an overhead door from the outside. On the inside however you will find a great many useful advantages.

Blue Compact door

Rolflex combines the advantages of service doors

Service doors have gained a great deal in popularity with companies and in agriculture. As a door closure system it is a very good option. In terms of specification, there are various types on the market, such as overhead doors, but also sectional doors, roller shutters and industrial doors. With the Compact door from Rolflex all of these advantages are combined in one specification.

Several advantages of the Compact door over the overhead door:

  • A Compact door always fits: there is no need for any overhead supporting structure.
  • Overhead doors are fitted with balance springs, but our doors are not,        because the lifecycle of those components is very limited and maintenance is time consuming.
  • This gives the architect more freedom in his design.
  • The Compact door enables space to be saved.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • More daylight enters the building.
  • An overhead door is not usually suitable in situations in which you want to suspend a heater over the door or install pipework or a skylight in the roof. These special requirements are no problem for Rolflex's door.


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