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Overhead sectional door | Space saving thanks to the special folding system

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Overhead doors from Compact at Volvo

Overhead sectional doors | lower maintenance and custom made for Volvo Overhead sectional doors | lower maintenance and custom made for Volvo

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Latest variant of the overhead doors

The overhead sectional door or sectional door is mainly used on exterior walls of business premises or sheds. There are many variants of the overhead sectional doors, the latest variant in this field is the Compact door. This door goes a step further in its development than the traditional overhead sectional door and offers you some additional benefits.

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What exactly are these benefits?

The big advantage of the Compact Tor is the universal rail system. Thanks to the special folding system, the door can be installed to save space. No rail system on the ceiling as is the case with overhead sectional doors. There are even more advantages of the Compact door compared to the traditional overhead sectional door:

  • A Compact door always fits: No complicated constructions have to be used.
  • Compact Doors have no Counterbalance Springs: The most common problems with sectional doors are spring problems.
  • The architect has much more creative freedom.
  • The Compact door makes it possible to save space.
  • Lower maintenance.
  • More daylight.
Features Overhead door   Compact door  
Little installation space required  Kruis icoon
 Groen vink icoon
Anti-lift device  Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Insulated door  Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Suitable as interior door  Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
Opening frequency <10/uur  Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Opening frequency >10/uur Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
Glazing Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Manual operation Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
Electric operation  Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Storm proof Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
RAL colour options Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Low maintenance Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
High-speed option Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
Your choice of door Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon

 All benefits at a glance

Rolflex combines the advantages of service doors

Ceiling sectional doors and commercial gates have become popular among companies and in agriculture. As a conclusion of the building this is a very good choice. In terms of execution, there are various types on the market, such as overhead sectional doors, but also sectional doors and roller shutters. The Compact door from Rolflex combines the best of two worlds: a folding door with the features of a roller shutter door and the design of a ceiling sectional door. Curious about the possibilities for your situation?

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