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We are looking for dedicated dealers to expand our worldwide dealer network for our Compact folding door. As our partner, you benefit from the high quality and uniqueness of the folding door. The Compact folding door is the only folding door in the market that can be provided with a wicket door. This type industrial door is popular worldwide and known as "The Problem Solver". The Compact folding door fits every situation.

Since 1990, the Compact door has been continuously developed and combines the advantages of roller shutters and overhead sectional doors. The Compact door stacks the panels above the access as it opens. This solution saves space. It is easy to operate and maintain and is quick to install.

More advantages are:

  • Space saving - ceiling space remains free
  • External installation - fits always and everywhere
  • Low Maintenance - No balancing springs, self-supporting, unique rail system
  • insulation
  • Design freedom
  • Low noise. Smooth and quiet operation.

Further advantages can be found here.

You also benefit from fast delivery, easy-to-replace panels, technical information and marketing materials. We offer you the possibility to integrate a door configurator, also called a Visulator, on your website. We are happy to support you with that. The configurator is an excellent tool, customers easily can design the door they would like to have. In only 6 steps. It is possible to request a complete quotation.

The "Compact Dealer Package" contains:

  • A unique patented industrial door with many eye-catching benefits.
  • The new generation industrial door, a replacement for sectionaldoors.
  • Install two doors (eg 5000 x 5000) in one day.
  • Join the installation training at our Compact Academy.
  • Consistently high quality due to the prefabricated factory quality.
  • Technical support
  • Advertising material and other marketing documentation
  • Extensive sales support
  • Help with the calculation of quotation
  • Fast order processing

Have we aroused your interest? Then you are welcome to contact us.

Frank Duenk Frank Duenk 
Tel: +31 315 695956


Compact Academy

In only 1 day we explain everything you need to know about a fast and safe installation of the Compact folding door. Our experts are happy to train you and give answers to anything you would like to know. They also will teach you everything you need to know about repair and maintenance in case of issues.

We are happy to support your marketing department with promotion activities. We would like to invite them for a training and inform them about the sales arguments, marketing tools, the configurator and information for your website.

The program is free of charge and also includes meals for your staff and, if applicable, an overnight stay.

Learn more about the Compact Academy!

Compact Academy | Assembler at the Compact Academy
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