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Extra costs due to expensive balancing springs

Extra costs due to expensive balancing springs

Compact folding door

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Choose the Compact folding door 

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Save time, money and space

When you have a number of traditional sectional doors with balancing springs, there will always come a time when these springs will break. You don’t know when, only that it will happen eventually, and always at an inconvenient time. The door then cannot be used for a while, and repair is very expensive. One solution is to properly maintain the doors and springs and to regularly replace the springs, but this is also a costly business.

With the Compact folding door, you do not have to worry about balancing springs, because this sectional door has none. The door folds above the doorway and descends along rails without the help of springs. No expensive repairs or replacements of springs are needed, only regular maintenance of the crucial parts which ensures that you benefit from your Compact folding door for many years to come. You save time, money and space.

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