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Save time, money and space

Many distribution centres have what are known as "fingers" – loading docks, where many couriers can simultaneously load their parcels. These loading spaces are often narrow and equipped with nothing more than conveyor belts and lighting. When choosing traditional sectional doors, it is not possible to keep the loading docks as narrow as possible. Even placing lighting becomes more difficult, as the overhead door often blocks the light when opened. A narrow corridor is possible, but it is not possible to place multiple doors next to and opposite each other.

The Compact folding door folds above the door opening. This has several advantages in a narrow corridor: the light is not blocked, and the placing of doors opposite and next to each other is not a problem. A large amount of space is saved is a result, as only the space needed for a conveyor belt is necessary, and every square metre is worth money. To summarise: you save time, money and space. 

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