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An electric motor that fits your needs

Industrial doors are generally equipped with an electric engine. With a push of a button the Compact door opens and closes instantly. Electric doors are user friendly and last longer because of the controlled movement.

All Compact doors are driven by an electric motor. The choice of the motor is determined by the dimensions and the weight of the door. In addition, other user specific factors like the available powersource (220 V or 380V), opening speed, opening frequency and the environment in which the door is installed are of influence.

The Compact door motor can be recognised by its orange color. Our motors come complete with control unit and ‘plug and play’ wiring. The moment the power plug is connected to the outlet the engine is ready for use.

Side motor

Side motor

Compact doors are standard equipped with a side motor. If there is not enough space available one can also opt for a top motor or a front motor.

Top motor

Top motor

The use of a top motor is necessary when there is less than 320 mm space on the side of the framework. Additional space of 230mm above the doorway is required for this motor.

Front motor

Front motor

A front motor, is required when there is less than 320 mm side space of and 230 mm space above the framework. However, the use of a front engine is restricted by the following:

  • The total weight of the doorpanels cannot exceed 275 kg
  • The maximum door height is 5520 mm


 Overview Motor Types 

Motor Voltage Speed  Duty cycle  Power   Powerplug²  Max. Weight
RC150  1x230V 50Hz     19 cm/sec    25% IP54     0.75 kW     2-pin, 16A   155 Kg
RC175  3x400V 50Hz   19 cm/sec  60% IP54   0.75 kW   5-pin, 16A   190 Kg
RC250  3x400V 50Hz   19 cm/sec  60% IP54   1.1 kW   5-pin, 16A   275 Kg
RC300   3x400V 50Hz  19 cm/sec  60% IP54   2.0 kW   5-pin, 16A   389 Kg
RC300T   3x400V 50Hz  15 cm/sec  60% IP54   2.0 kW   5-pin, 16A   455 Kg
  • Rotation set: right
  • Emergency hand crank in case of power failure
  • 4 x dry contact
  • Cable length between engine and control box: 7 meters


  • Motor and Control box 80% switch duration (used intensively) with IP65 protection class (extra moisture and dust resistance)
  • Other voltages on request: 3 x 230 V or 60 Hz
  • Emergency chain opener
  • Extended cable between engine and control box: 15 meters

High-speed motor with frequency control system

When using a high-speed motor the time a door is open is significantly reduced. This results in a minimum loss of energy. Furthermore, the employees and products are better protected from adverse weather conditions.

During loading and unloading with forklifts a rapid opening door is not only desirable for efficiency but also to prevent collision damage.


Product details

  • High-speed motor (RC500R) with frequency control (slow start and slow stop)
  • Opening speed adjustable ip to 60 cm/sec
  • Closing speed 20 cm /sec

Standard equipped with:

  • Emergency chain opener
  • Light curtain safety
  • LCD monitor
  • Motor and control box switch duration 80% with IP65 protection class

NOTE: neutral required

  • Deviating installation dimension (minimum side space required is 350mm)
  • Opening width up to 5000 mm
  • Weight of the door panels 190 kg


Compact doors can be activated remotelyautomatically or with a constant-contact control switch. Additionally you can choose which control panel suits your company best.

Our range of control boxes consists of:

A combination of various controls is also an option. An emergency hand chain for example to open the door in case of a power outage.


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