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3 ways to save energy with your industrial doors

Tuesday, 12 May 2020


3 Ways to save energy with your industrial doors


Sliding doors replaced by compact folding doors

Since 2017, some companies have been obliged to prepare sustainability reports in accordance with EU Directive 95/2014. This applies to capital market-oriented companies with more than 500 employees, insurance companies and credit institutions. It is not only worthwhile to take energy-saving measures to present yourself better, but in the long term you will benefit from it yourself. Besides saving energy and money, you can also receive grants for energy-efficient construction and renovation.


How can a (new) industrial door help to save energy?


A new door opens up new opportunities for you to save energy. The following solutions help to reduce energy consumption:

  1. Fast closing and / or automatic doors

Do you now have a manually operated industrial door? Replace it with a fast-closing door with an automatic closing mechanism so that you lose less heat and thus save energy.

  1. Install a wicket door

You don’t have a wicket door in your roller shutter or sectional door? You can save energy by installing a wicket door. In this way, the entire door does not have to be opened every time a person wants to enter the building, which saves energy. With most sectional doors it is possible to retrofit a wicket door. A wicket door can be easily installed in the Compact folding door, even if the door has been used for a long time.

  1. Install an insulated door

Do you have an uninsulated industrial door, such as a traditional aluminum roller shutter, in the building? Then it is high time for a well-insulated door that ensures a stable temperature inside the building.

Old folding door replaced by a new Compact folding door

Defective, old door replaced by modern Compact door

Old versus new: insulated doors, better outlook

Old, uninsulated roller shutter replaced by Compact door with wicket door

Old roller shutter (no insulation) vs new Compact door with wicket door.

What can we do for you?

The compact folding door is well insulated as standard.

Are you considering replacing your non-insulated commercial door? Then take a look at our Compact folding door. It takes up little space and can therefore easily replace  a conventional roller shutter. Of course, a wicket door can also be integrated and the door can be equipped with a fast-closing system, so that you achieve optimal energy savings. Interesting? Ask for a quote!

Do you already have a Compact folding door? Then we can retrofit a wicket door at any point, regardless of how long you have been using the door. Please contact us for more information.

More light and color with the Compact folding door

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