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Flexitec chooses Compact doors

Publishing date: 09-06-2020 Flexitec chooses Compact doors

Flexitec is a succesful producer of all kinds of elevators and lifts. For every specifics situation, the design a tailormade solution. Cargo lifts, elevators, car lifts, all produced in their factory in The Netherlands.

Flexitec and Rolflex have been working together for years. Flexitec does not only use the Compact folding door in their building, but also recommend the door to their clients. For example in cargolifts with little space for regular doors. 

Why does Flexitec work together with Rolflex? Watch the video!

Customization as a match

Both Flexitec and Rolflex Compact doors deliver customized solutions. The Compact folding door is a tailormade solution for buildings with limited space, or specific designs. Flexitec recommends our Compact folding door to their clients. See below for two examples where the Compact folding door has been used in cargo lifts. For more information about Flexitec, visit their website.

Flexitec lift    flexitec2


Curious about other examples?

Compact folding doors have been used by a wide range of companies all over the world. Want to see more? Visit our projectpage

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