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When outside is the only option ...

Publishing date: 12-06-2015 When outside is the only option ...

When outside is the only option ... for fitting a sectional door.  In some situations there isn’t enough space inside a building to fit an industrial door.  After all, an ordinary overhead door runs up the wall or across the ceiling of the building, but this takes up a lot of space and often it just isn’t available.  There are also many options for securing private land, but a gate that opens sideways also needs a lot of space.

Below we outline two different projects where the owners opted for a Compact folding door fitted on the outside.  One of the projects was on the exterior of a building, and the other secures the entrance to a site.  Both projects show the versatility of the Compact door and how it can offer a solution in all kinds of complex situations.

Renovation project

MV Buitenzijde met loopdeur

    MV Buitenzijde


For a renovation project in Germany, Torservice MV replaced the old industrial doors with Compact folding doors fitted on the exterior of the building.  There was no room inside the building for an insulated industrial door so they opted for outside mounting.  The protective cover in the corporate colour created a uniform appearance.  The folding door folds up above the opening into the protective cover, which also protects the motor against the weather. 



MV Buitenzijde alle deuren

MV Buitenzijde alle deuren

MV Buitenzijde met kap


Site security

For the Waterhof housing project in Haarlem, the Compact folding door was used for what is becoming an increasingly-common situation.  The Compact folding door was installed in an external wall which is designed to secure a gated community.  All the residents of the community have a remote control to open the door. It closes automatically after a set time.  To protect the Compact door and its motor against the weather, a cover was fitted in the same colour as the door.  This is also the same colour as the other garage doors and therefore fits in with the design and concept of the architect.  Using a Compact door to secure the site means it isn’t possible for unwanted visitors to gain easy access.  The door security kit which is included in the door as standard ensures that it cannot be raised up.  All in all, a contribution to the security of living in this community!

Waterhof Binnenzijde dichtWaterhof Binnenzijde openWaterhof Binnenzijde open kapWaterhof buitenzijde dichtWaterhof buitenzijde openWaterhof buitenzijde open

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