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Monday, 15 January 2018

Here at Rolflex, we are crazy about cars. That’s why we love to work with clients in the automotive industry such as McLaren, Peugeot and Volvo. While we love all car makes, nothing compares to the special connection we have with cars from our Eastern neighbours. This is partly due to their rich manufacturing tradition, but it’s also because of specific characteristics of the German automotive industry. 

Benz No 1

First Benz

Carl Friedrich Benz from Germany built the very first car in 1885. Today, more than 15 million German passenger cars come rolling off the conveyor belt every year (VDA, 2015). It is impossible to imagine life today without cars like Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen.


Quality and luxury, characteristics for German automotive industry

Characteristics such as innovation, quality and durability, among other things, are what make Germany Europe's largest car manufacturer. The famous Deutsche Gründlichkeit is applied not only in the development of vehicles, but also in the construction of luxury experience centres across the globe. 

These brand-specific centres are fully equipped for the sale, maintenance and experience of cars. They reflect the design and technological expertise of car manufacturers. Furthermore, the ambience created is in line with the product, thereby ensuring that customers can fully experience the automotive brand. Everything simply blends together, down to the minute details.  

Architects choose the
Compact folding door

During the design phase, architects and designers create an atmosphere charged with both luxury and high levels of technology. They then look for building elements that match their designs, focusing on appearance as well as functionality.

Example showroom Audi with Compact roller door

Elegant glass fronts, for example, create a modern look, whilst allowing natural daylight to flood in. The modern finish of the walls, floors and ceilings gives the building a clean and airy appearance, while keeping it maintenance-friendly at the same time.  

This combination of functionality and appearance is making our Compact folding door increasingly popular among architects. These doors seamlessly integrate into our luxury showrooms, car washes and workshops, while offering more options in comparison to traditional overhead doors.  


Full integration of door and building

For example, designers involved in experience centres like to create the entire Compact door from panels of translucent, impact-resistant glass. The smart folding door is then integrated into the glass front of the building. The Compact door fully blends in, completely disappearing from view when opened, without taking up any additional space.  

The fact that the Compact door folded vertically into the space above the doorway gave architects the chance to create a flush finish between the ceiling panels and tiles. This led to more space directly above the maintenance bridges in car workshops, creating maximum working height for mechanics and engineers. There was also enough space left for lighting and an exhaust fume extractor system. 


Examples of leading projects 

The projects we have completed for Audi and Porsche are, of course, perfect for German car enthusiasts like ourselves. After all, innovation, quality and durability are qualities we also pursue in the development and production of our Compact doors. We are therefore very proud that we, as a Dutch company, are now part of the rich tradition of the German automotive industry.

German car brands



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