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A stitch in time saves nine: here’s why!

Tuesday, 09 October 2018

‘Efficiency’ is a keyword for every company’ along with ‘quality’ and ‘continuity’.


Every one of your machines and piece of equipment, as well as their maintenance, is important to maintain company profitability. Many suppliers offer maintenance contracts to prevent the occurrence of major problems. Minor problems can have major consequences. Why is maintenance so important? We have identified six advantages for you.


Firstly, the efficiency of your company takes top priority through continuous and trouble-free operation of your plant and machinery. Breakdowns cost time and money. These can be prevented. This also applies to your industrial doors. Trouble-free access doors will ensure uninterrupted flow of materials and finished products, in and out of your workplace. Efficient production will yield client satisfaction and profitability over time.

In addition, safety is an important reason for your company to invest in good maintenance. Badly-maintained machines can create a significant risk to you and your production employees. Regular and preventative maintenance results in early replacement of parts, even before they are causing problems. Take our sectional doors as an example. These doors are fitted with a security system (light curtains), that notices when something or someone is standing underneath the door, or if the door won’t open or close. It is important that, among other things, these safety systems are checked routinely.

Compact door with a crane track directly behind the door

To guarantee the warranty of your machines, it is important to carry out regular maintenance using a qualified company, often your supplier. They will be familiar with the product and often stock spare parts. A lack of maintenance risks expensive repairs. This should always be carried out by a qualified engineer, using the correct parts to avoid further problems.

A factor often forgotten, is the lifespan of your building and machinery. Checks on your industrial doors are recommended and will ensure their efficient operation and maintain their insulation value and water tightness. Maintenance thereby leads to a reduction in employee absenteeism. The majority of badly-maintained doors do not have the correct seal. Faulty or badly-maintained doors are often left open, creating an undesirable working environment. As a result, absenteeism will rise. During maintenance, the old seals will be replaced by our mechanics to make sure the doors are sufficiently draft-tight.

Maintenance is important

Lastly, in order to comply with legal regulations, it is important to record all checks and repairs. As we all know, accidents in the workplace can result in legal consequences.

In summary, your company can stay efficient with the right maintenance from a specialist, and can enhance the lifespan of your investment whilst providing a safe environment for your employees. Please contact your local dealer for a free customized maintenance proposal.

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