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2.4 Innovation

The roller shutter of 1960 / Compact folding door

1960 Roller Shutter

The overhead sectional door of 1980 / Compact folding door

1980 Overhead sectional door

The innovative Compact folding door of 2000 / Rolflex

2000 Compact door

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters were the original industrial doors. The door leaf consists of thin single-walled steel slats which roll up above the opening. Their insulation value is minimal and their appearance industrial.

Compact Door as an alternative

The Compact door has the same space saving features as the roller shutter. However the door panels are of sandwich construction and provide optimum insulation. They can also be fully glazed with glass, acrylate or polycarbonate. A unique feature within the folding panels is a wicket/personnel door.

This is important for individual factory units requiring alternative access. The Compact door is now often chosen to replace old roller shutters when buildings are being refurbished as it can fit into the same space.

The direct comparison can be found here.

Overhead Sectional doors

Overhead sectional doors have been developed for both industrial and domestic applications. They are currently the most popular doors on the market. They provide good insulation and can be glazed and include a wicket/personnel door.

Compact Door as an alternative

The Compact door includes all these features however the innovative folding system enables the open door to take up less useful space within the building. The overhead sectional door slides on a rail system into the building as it opens. The rails have to be supported from the roof structure. The Compact door is only supported from its side rails. Overhead sectional doors are designed using counter balancing springs which, when in tension, open and close the door. They require regular maintenance and are time consuming and expensive to replace. The Compact door has no balancing springs and is therefore much quicker to install. Maintenance is also less expensive.

The direct comparison can be found here.

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