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Save energy the easy way

Publishing date: 01-07-2012 Save energy the easy way

Prices and energy saving measures

Energy prices keep on rising to an alarming rate. The emission of CO² and ways to save energy seem to be the talk of the day. And not only at home. A slight increase in energy costs can add up to huge amounts for the manufacturing industry. This means a severe loss of competitiveness. Known means to save both the environment and production costs are switching to energy-saving production methods, use of efficient machines and installing new heating or insulation.

Closing industrial doors to prevent heat loss 

Sometimes the solution is so obvious that it can easily be overlooked. The energy -and money- literally goes out the door. In the trade and industry sector doors are opened hundreds of times a day. That can’t be helped. What can be helped is that they remain open unnecessarily long. During this time the hot air from the heated part of the building is lost and more energy is needed to keep the temperature at the same level. These small daily quantities can really add up on annual basis. The greater the difference between the temperature inside and outside and the longer the doors are open, the higher the energy consumption. And of course, the costs.

Optimal insulation with a Compact door

A good insulation of the door panels is of great importance when selecting a service door. However, it has also been shown that a timely closing of the door is very effective in the long term to conserve energy. Compact industrial doors offer an optimum insulation. The door is made of 40 mm thick insulated sandwich panels that contain the warmth inside the building. When the door stays open longer than necessary however, the warmth and energy will still be lost. Experience shows that people often ‘forget’ to close the door immediately after use.

Automatic closing timer

The solution for this problem is as simple as effective. If one forgets to close the door it can be closed with an automatic closing timer. The service door closes automatically after a preset period of time. Rolflex of the Netherlands wants to help you help the environment. That is why we will provide every new Compact door with an automatic closing timer, FREE of charge.

Order your Compact door with a free automatic closing timer

NOTE: This offer is valid only for the next 30 days!


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