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Zwolle by the sea

Friday, 09 June 2017

Like almost everyone, at Rolflex we are crazy about sun, sea and beach, but unfortunately, the North Sea beaches are not directly next to our door. 

Luckily, nowadays there are great alternatives to enjoy the summer and feel the unique atmosphere of the beach, without being stuck in traffic for hours getting to the beaches of f.i. Zandvoort or Scheveningen.  

City beach Zwolle with palms


Like major cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, ​​New York and Paris, many cities in the Netherlands have embraced the phenomenon of a pop-up beach. Each beach has its own specialty and character.

Our top 5 in the Netherlands

  1. Zwolle
  2. Haarlem
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Alkmaar
  5. Utrecht


Beach and beach club Zwolle

This year Zwolle has gotten a fantastic location. At the canal in the city centre a beach including beach club has opened. Here the guests  can enjoy a nice cold drink and choose from a range of delicious BBQ Beach bites.


City beach Zwolle outside

Zwolle on no. 1

As we find this a great initiative, Zwolle is on no. 1 for us,  but also because we are proud of the fact that we have contributed to the construction of this Beach Club.

This “pop-up "restaurant is unique in its kind due to the modular construction with steel containers.  It gives the building an entirely unique character, and by its beautiful décor, you imagine yourself in a beach club at the sea side.

City beach Zwolle with champagne


The large transparent façade of the club is equipped with a Compact folding door by Rolflex. Due to this beautiful entrance, the beach and the beach club are perfectly connected and even in lesser weather, the Beach Club stays a summer retreat in Zwolle.


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